Legal Malpractice

Legal Malpractice

Attorneys are held to a standard of practice in their representation of you and unfortunately there are times when a lawyer’s negligence can cause a client a significant financial loss. BPMJL believes that a lawyer should be responsible for their negligence just like the negligent driver of a car, a negligent doctor or negligent business owner. BPMJL has decades of experience in representing individuals who have been impacted by the negligence of their previous lawyer.

How BPMJL can assist you:

We are available to meet with you for a free initial conference to discuss what happened in your previous representation and determine whether you may have a valid legal claim. If we accept your case you can be assured that we will fight for your legal rights.

As Indiana has a strict statute of limitations restrictions regarding legal malpractice claims, contact BPMJL promptly if you think you have a legal malpractice claim. Our legal team is looking forward to serving you.

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