Why Choose BPMJL?

Why Choose BPMJL?


Each of the BPMJL attorneys has decades of experience in vigorously advocating for their client and are assisted by a support staff of knowledgeable, dedicated and caring paralegals.

Each Client’s Needs are Unique:

When you are represented by BPMJL, you are not part of a legal assembly line. We want to know how your life is impacted and how we can assist you in lessening the burdens caused by your loss.

Personal Attention:

You are not handed off to support staff. At your first appointment you will meet with the attorney and at every step along the way your legal needs will be directed and supervised personally by that attorney.


BPMJL attorneys are focused on areas of law that they are passionate about. They are actively involved in advocating for your rights in the courtroom. They are involved in the organizations that fight for your rights and are constantly attentive to the changing law and practice techniques that optimize your chance of success.

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